The invite-only independent consulting community

We are a revenue-sharing community comprised of professionals from top-tier firms and in-demand backgrounds, working to create exceptional client experiences.


Our community members have worked with industry leaders.

For independent consultants


Built by independent consultants, NorthLawn is a new model that combines the flexibility of freelance work with the community and reputation of traditional firms.

Full independence

Continue operating as an independent consultant and retain existing clients.

Revenue sharing

Become eligible for revenue sharing by being an active member rather than waiting years to be elected partner at traditional firms.


Grow your practice by creating larger teams with fellow NorthLawn community members.

Democratic decision-making

Contribute to key decisions for the community including: new members, features, structures, etc.

Client impact

Become a super-connector for your existing clients by finding trusted collaborators within the community.


Get advice, problem solve, and build relationships with fellow independent consultants.

For clients

NorthLawn has the quality and professionalism expected from top consulting firms combined with the value and flexibility gained from working with independent consultants.

  • Highest quality independent consulting professionals across multiple roles and specialties, including previous employment verification for select consulting firms

  • Fast and flexible talent by opening the position to a community of top professionals rather than one-off searches

  • Expertise across industries and functions such as private equity/ venture capital, ESG/ sustainability, strategy, operations, and more

  • Transparent and low fees for talent placement. NorthLawn is 20% of total project cost vs. industry standard of 25-100%+

Learn more

Please contact us to inquire about sharing a consulting opportunity with the NorthLawn community or to learn more about membership as an independent consultant