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NorthLawn has the quality and professionalism expected from top consulting firms combined with the value and flexibility gained from working with independent consultants.

The NorthLawn advantage

Highest quality professionals

Fast and flexible talent

Transparent and low fees

Expertise across industry and function


Highest quality professionals

NorthLawn's strict community entry requirement ensures only top professionals are members.

Community members have expertise from leading consulting firms and in-demand backgrounds. We are intentional about growth to ensure the highest quality of talent and community.

We ensure resume accuracy by verifying previous employment at McKinsey & Company. Additional firm verifications pending.

Fast and flexible talent

More efficiently find the right talent for your needs rather than relying on stale sources or exhausting job board searches.

The staffing process



Write to NorthLawn about your needs using the Contact form.



Receive a reply within 48 hours with applicable profiles of NorthLawn members.

If we have no available, well-suited consultants, we will transparently share that to respect your time.



Contact the consultant, refine project details together, and get started working together promptly.

Transparent and low fees

There is no sacrifice between quality and cost with NorthLawn.


Community fee at NorthLawn

vs. the industry standard of 25-100%+ markup on top of freelancer rates


Cost savings working with independent consultants

vs. hiring traditional consulting firms, all while working with consultants with expertise often from the exact same firms

Expertise across industries and functions

Community members collectively have a wide breadth of industry and functional expertise. The below list is continuously updated.


Pro bono or discounted rates for non-profit and impact-based work done through the NorthLawn community. Contact to learn more

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