For consultants

Built by independent consultants, NorthLawn enables you to keep your independence while having the support of a larger community.

The NorthLawn Advantage

Private job board

Revenue sharing

Democratic decision-making & community

Private job board

View, apply, and post opportunities privately to NorthLawn community members.

Finding work

Project opportunities are compiled by community members, often through their own client connections.

Sharing work

Community members with client connections can post opportunities. They can involve themselves in the consultant screening process prior to making client introductions.


Revenue sharing

Beyond consulting compensation, receive revenue sharing and client ownership compensation.


Community fee

The community fee is 20% of the total project cost. It is comprised of three parts:


1. Shared revenue pool

To help smooth income and reward community involvement, active members receive a distribution from this pool semiannually. It's comprised of two evenly split pools:

  1. Community pool: Distributed equally among active members
  2. Performance pool: Distributed proportionally based on the value of work completed on the platform. This is calculated as a combined value of work performed and work shared within NorthLawn


2. Client owner compensation

For sharing client opportunities with the community, the member receives this amount not only for the single opportunity but for all future work by the individual client.


3. Platform support

To maintain and improve NorthLawn, a portion of the fee goes back into the platform. This is among the lowest in the industry.

Democratic decision-making & community

Unlike other platforms, NorthLawn is run by its members for its members.


Vote on community decisions related to membership, fees, clients, rules, and other ways NorthLawn will be run and managed.


Engage with community members through the NorthLawn Slack Workspace to get advice, share best practices, exchange cooking recipes, and anything else work-related.

Participate in online and in-person events exclusive to community members.


Beyond voting on community decisions, get involved in running the day-to-day of the community by interviewing potential members, finding new partnerships, and more.

Joining the community

Entry into NorthLawn is invitation-only, often through existing members' professional networks; however, an invitation can be requested using the online form.

Application process: Interview with at least 1 community member, share your resume/ LinkedIn profile, and share past non-confidential client work.

Waitlist: NorthLawn is intentional about membership growth to retain extremely high standards and to foster an active community.

Membership fee waived: For the first 75 active members, there is no membership fee. After the first 75, the community will decide on the fee structures.

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